Maternelle et primaire : Enseignants

Our teachers are the pedagogical heart of our school and have a great responsibility. On the one hand, the education of our children is in their hands, but on the other hand they also take on educational tasks.

The essential tasks are:

Teachers are obliged to educate, teach, judge and advise the pupils on their own responsibility. This means, for example, that the choice of the teaching method is at the teacher’s sole discretion.

Teachers are called upon to support their pupils comprehensively. This includes, in particular, educating them to be independent and demanding tasks appropriate to their age.

In class, teachers are required to take into account the learning prerequisites, learning difficulties, special abilities, inclinations and interests as well as the personal life situation of the pupils. This requires ongoing communication and cooperation with parents.

It is also the responsibility of teachers to provide information and advice. It is essential that parents and teachers meet at eye level and see each other for what they are: Experts in what they do.

The teachers are obliged to plan the lessons carefully. They must adhere to the curriculum of the European Schools. In addition, the teacher is encouraged to incorporate national and linguistic elements from his or her country of origin.

These are only the most important core tasks that teachers perform every day. However, it is extremely important for the school success of the children that parents also fulfil their tasks and support the teachers in their work.

For example, although teachers are responsible for educating children to become more selfsure and independant, the parents at home must create the basis for this and support the school. While the teacher is responsible for learning at school, it is the parents who are responsible for the social behaviour of their children. This point is enormously important to our school and we ask the parents to give their full support, especially in this context.