Nursery and Primary : Educational support

The pedagogical support measures of the European School Luxembourg 1 aim at the academic success of the students by fostering their self-esteem and development. The aim is to help students become autonomous learners, to use a variety of resources, to understand their strengths and weaknesses and to set realistic and achievable goals in the process and development of learning.  

ES LUX1 strives to help each student develop their personal potential and self-esteem. Our teaching strives to be individualised and above all student-centred. Every effort is made to help all students fully develop their personalities, talents and creativity. The pedagogical support measures are very specifically aimed at maximising academic and social development and moving towards inclusion. is It is our common goal that every student can reach full potential in an inclusive environment.  

We explicitly point out that optimal support for our students can only be achieved in the best possible cooperation with the parents or guardians. Only when the child feels well cared for both at home and at school can we achieve successful results together.  

Our support teachers and assistants work with class teachers throughout the school year to identify specific needs, create a learning plan and assess student performance.   

ES LUX1 supports a ‘whole school approach’ to special educational needs. The school’s staff are committed to identifying and providing for pupils’ needs. It is about creating a safe, welcoming, collaborative and stimulating community where everyone is valued.   

To optimise the teaching and learning process, it is essential to:  

  • setting achievable goals for the student that promote self-esteem and a positive attitude towards learning;   to promote differentiation by supporting the learning process;  
  • to work in partnership with pupils and their parents/guardians and to fulfil individual duties and responsibilities in the best interests of the child;  
  • to promote co-operation between teachers/assistants in the best interests of the child;  
  • to enable pupils to follow their own learning and to learn independently.  

 The organisation of support lessons is exclusively in the hands of the SUPCO (Support Coortinator) who, together with the support coordinators of the respective section and the teachers, takes initial steps which are subsequently discussed with the parent/guardian.  

 The school offers 3 types of educational support: general, moderate (parental consent required) and intensive support measures (type A and B). The intensive support measures are subject to very strict regulations and can only take place with the consent and support of the parents.