List of Books 2024-2025

Guidelines how to use the dynamic book list

The use of the list requires two selections per student: the Year level and the Language selection. The Language selection corresponds to the student’s Language 1 (L1) and Language 2 (L2) structure. For Students Without a language Section (SWALS), there is an additional list for the L1 books. On the main list, SWALS select an L1 equal to their L2, and on the additional SWALS list, select their actual L1 (Bulgarian, Estonian, Latvian or Lithuanian).

The table displays a limited number of lines per default, it is possible to increase that value using the Show entries menu. When the number of entries exceed the display limit, one can also navigate through the entries using the pagination tool at the bottom of the list. The Search box allows to look for books using a keyword, for example the International Standard Book Number (ISBN). To export the result, use Print, Copy or PDF. To export the whole list in PDF format, click on the PDF icon without making a selection.

Language codes: BG (Bulgarian), DE (German), EN (English), ES (Spanish), ET (Estonian), FI (Finnish), FR (French), LT (Lithuanian), LV (Latvian), NL (Dutch), PL (Polish), PT (Portuguese), SV (Swedish).

Nursery & Primary

last update 10/07/2024

Nursery & Primary (SWALS L1 Books)

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Guidelines specific to Secondary

There are two special situations that are specific to Secondary school, namely when a student changes the L2 between S5 and S6, and when a student is exceptionally following a subject in a language that is not the usual language foreseen by the regulations.

  • When a change of L2 is approved on entry to year 6, the old L2 remains the medium of teaching for History, Geography and Economics. Please select both L2 (old and new) in the Language selection, the new L2 for the L2 course, and the old L2 for Human Science courses (Geography, History, etc.).
  • In S6 and S7, Mathematics and Science courses (Biology, Chemistry, Physics) are normally taught in L1, whilst Human Science courses (Geography, History, Economics, Sociology, etc.) are taught in L2. However, due to organisational constraints, some students may follow a subject in a language that is not the usual one, in that case please select as many L1 and L2 as needed. This language exception could also happen in years below S6, for example in Latin or Religion courses, among others. In any case, you can always select the year level only and do not use the Language selection filter, in that case you can export the complete list of books for the year level.

Secondary (SWALS L1 Books)

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