Nursery and Primary : Religion/Ethics

Religion classes taught in the European Schools are intended to provide a special educational environment. Through these classes, individual pupils acquire points of reference for their future lives, learn how to select from different options for their daily lives, and also how to organise themselves and to live in a way that is carefully thought out and responsible. 

Religion classes provide rigorous information on the articles of faith that belong to each religion. They stimulate initiatives which develop a consistent approach to values in order to prepare all pupils to become responsible citizens, capable of contributing to the development of societies that are democratic, supportive, pluralist and open to other cultures, and to access the wealth of cultural diversity, whilst encouraging the recognition and respect of the diversity of beliefs. 

Every religious denomination develops its own specific programme whilst respecting the fundamental aspects of the educational dynamic that the European Schools offer to their pupils. They are drawn up by competent religious authorities according to the criteria of all school curricula and are approved by the Joint Teaching Committee of the European Schools. It is up to the religious authorities of each denomination to propose their teachers of religion to the School authorities and to ensure their competence and qualifications. 

The programs cover the five years of the primary cycle. Religion/ethics courses are taught: 

  • 60 minutes per week in P1/P2, 
  • 90 minutes per week in P3/P4/P5. 

For further information, please consult the specific programmes of each denomination: