Nursery and Primary : School Trips

In the nursery and primary school, school trips and excursions are closely linked to the educational objectives and to the program. Therefore, they are obligatory. 

  • In P1 and P2 excursions are only organised during the school day. 
  • In P3, P4 and P5  excursions during the school day are organised, as well as school trips for several days. 

Parents receive detailed information from the class teachers and the school management in advance for all school trips and excursions. 

P3 : Green classes – trip to Vayamundo, Houffalize

In the third year of primary school, all P3 classes go together on a 3-day school trip to Vayamundo.

Vayamundo Houffalize is situated in the heart of Belgium’s green Ardennes, surrounded by vast forests and with the river Ourthe flowing through their backyard.

During the day, a fantastic range of fun and adventurous educational activities are organised for the children inside and outside the centre, such as: climbing, deathriding, via ferrata, camp building, donkey care and beaver watching offer unforgettable play and learning fun. There is also a swimming pool with slide in their facilities.


From Wednesday 5th to Friday 7th of June 2024

P4 : Sea classes – trip to Blankenberge

In the fourth year of primary school, the P4 classes go on a 4-day trip.  

 The sea class takes place in Belgium on the North Sea, in Duinse Polders, Blankenberge.  

 The children will be able to do many water activities but also manual activities. The aim is to discover the marine environment. They will observe tidal phenomena, tidal currents and also the fauna and flora.   


From Tuesday 18th to Friday 21th of June 2024

P5 : Mountain class in Les Carroz d’Arâches, French Alpes

In the fifth year of primary school, all P5 classes go together on a 5-day school trip to Les Flocons Verts.The European School of Luxembourg I is a place of knowledge acquisition and open to the world around it.  

The mountain class is integrated into the school’s educational project and the P5 discovery class program. It is a founding step that contributes to giving meaning to learning by encouraging direct contact with the natural or cultural environment of the mountain (discovery of the mountain environment, lifestyle, etc.).  

The mountain activities allows you to gain greater body comfort and self-confidence. This moment of collective life is a true education for citizenship (learning to live together, respect for others…). 


  • Nature Discovery: Cognitive discovery of the mountain
  • Rafting
  • Mountain Bike
  • Orienteering: Discover an unknown environment and ensure its safety and that of others, know its possibilities and limits,
  • Master technical gestures and adapt your movements to different types of environments
  • Rock climbing
  • Cultural visits to the Crystal Museum in Chamonix


From Monday 13th to Friday 17th of May 2024