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Welcome to the pages of the Secondary School of the European School Luxembourg 1, Kirchberg !

With almost 1900 pupils in the secondary cycle, we represent one of the largest communities in the European School network. In the secondary cycle we currently have 9 language sections (German, English, French, Spanish, Dutch, Portuguese, Swedish, Finnish and Polish). This poses very special challenges not only for our teaching staff, but also for the pupils. At the same time, our school brings together a unique cultural and linguistic conglomerate in Luxembourg and the surrounding area, which is particularly stimulating and multicultural.

A total of approximately 190 teachers and around 30 assistants work with the students every day to prepare them for life and their future educational and professional careers.  Despite its size, the pedagogical staff is committed to creating and maintaining as welcoming and cooperative an atmosphere as possible, which we believe is the basis for ensuring good learning, as well as harmonious development of the students’ personalities.

Our pedagogical team is supported by a small, but experienced and efficient secretariat, into which the majority of practical organisational information is flowing. For the pedagogical part, the school’s middle management can assist and advise you, depending on your pedagogical needs.

On the pages of this site, you will find all the important and necessary information, which will also give you an insight into the school’s philosophy, as well as its everyday projects to prepare them for life and their future educational and professional careers.