Nursery and Primary : Wellbeing

We are proud to be able to offer the subject “Wellbeing in school” for all pupils of the Nursery and Primary School from the school year 2021/22.  

In the nursery school, the existing timetable will not be changed and the projects will be included in the annual plan or the existing curriculum in the form of projects or project weeks. 

In the primary school we create additional teaching units for this purpose: 

  • P1 and P2: Mondays and Wednesdays from 15.30-16.00 
  • P3, P4 and P5: Wednesdays from 15.15-16.00 

As this offer exceeds the existing curriculum in the primary school, participation is voluntary. At the beginning of the school year, parents are given the opportunity to deregister their child for the whole school year via an online form. In this case, the children must be collected punctually at 15.30 or 15.15 at the school gate.  

On the following sub-pages we would like to give you an overview of some of our well-being projects. Apart from the projects mentioned, many other ideas for the wellbeing of the children are implemented individually in the classes. In order for you to get a better impression of all our Wellbeing projects during the school year, we invite you to visit our Wellbeing-in-school blog regularly. 

Students’ well-being at European School of Luxembourg I


Imagine a school where students’ well-being is not just a concern but the core of our educational approach. That is the school we want!


Our school is designing a well-being concept that transcends the boundaries of traditional disciplines, embracing a holistic approach that is prioritizing the students’ well-being.


Our main aim is to ensure that our students feel good at school. However, we are offering them useful tools to face the challenges not only at school but also in their private lives, and thus promoting their overall well-being.


Our concept takes a multidimensional approach, by incorporating psychology, physical education, social sciences, environmental studies, and more. We believe in promoting self-awareness among our students, encouraging them to reflect on their individual needs and make more informed decisions.


It is our mission to empower the students to become architects of their own well-being. We emphasize the importance of considering the broader implications of their choices, not only for themselves but for our entire community, aligning with global initiatives like Agenda 2030 and its 17 Sustainable Development Goals. At the same time, we understand that students’ well-being is influenced by numerous external factors, also outside of school. Therefore, we are focused on fostering open dialogue and creating spaces where students can share their concerns and experiences while learning from each other. Additionally, we are offering various activities like physical exercises, yoga, artistic workshops, theatrical performances, games, and workshops on essential topics, like being active, being resilient, meditation, nutrition, digital safety (ex.: BeeSecure) and more. We believe in building connections with families and external partners, recognizing that only by working together, we can truly foster our students’ well-being.


In short, we are creating an educational environment that is open, inclusive, and responsible, believing in a holistic approach that recognises all the elements that contribute to students’ well-being.


To us students’ well-being is more than words – it is our passion, and our commitment.