KiVa – Anti-bullying program

KiVa is an innovative school-based anti-bullying program which has been developed at the University of Turku in Finland using research on bullying and its mechanisms. The program prevents bullying and tackles the cases of bullying effectively.

The main components of KiVa

KiVa includes both universal and indicated actions. The universal actions, such as Kiva curriculum (student lessons) are directed at all students and focus mainly on preventing bullying. The indicated actions (targeted interventions by the Kiva team members) are to be used when a bullying case has emerged. They are targeted specifically to the children and adolescents who have been involved in bullying as perpetrators or victims, as well as to several classmates who are challenged to support the victim; the aim is to put an end to bullying.

Kiva information about indicated actions

Parents’ guide

The parents’ guide is a part of the KiVa anti-bullying program and its aim is to offer parents information about bullying and what can be done at home and in school. Cooperation between parents and the school and a supportive home environment is essential in addressing bullying.

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The KiVa team doesn’t accuse or punish anyone, but helps to develop empathy and positive solutions. KiVa is not meant to be a one-year project, but a permanent part of the school’s anti-bullying work.

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