Nursery and Primary : Second Language L2

The teaching of the second language begins in the first year of the primary cycle. 

Its choice is a prerogative of the parents and is fundamental since the pupils follow a large part of their courses throughout their schooling in this language. 

It is recommanded that the second language (German, French, English), which is chosen in primary school, is a language with which the pupil is in contact, i.e. : 

  • the second language spoken at home or 
  • the language of the host country or 
  • the language in which the child might have frequent and regular contacts (family, friends, holidays, …). 


Once the choice of the second language has been made, it remains valid for all schooling throughout the primary and secondary cycle. 

If you are in a particular situation with regard to the second language  and you wish to receive further information on the school’s second language policy, please contact the deputy director of the primary school. 

The syllabus, which is part of the harmonized syllabuses, covers the five years of the primary cycle. The second language is taught : 

  • 150 minutes per week in P1 (from November on)
  • 180 minutes per week in P2
  • 225 minutes per week in P3/P4/P5.