Secondaire : Programme de mobilité

Following a decision of the office of the Secretary General of the European schools, the mobility and student exchange programmes in the 2022-2023 school year can be organised. This decision covers all mobility programmes regulated by the document 2016-01-D-49-en-4 (Guidelines on Organizing Students’ Mobility from and to the European Schools)

Temporarily visiting other schools in a different country gives students the chance to develop more intensively in many regards, for example to improve their language skills and to mature through experiencing a different educational and cultural environment.

European schools offer the possibility of hosting other students as well as supporting their students to visit other schools. Both can take place as real exchanges (visit and return visit) or as one-way visits. They are known collectively as “student mobility programmes”.

In our school, these programmes give to some students currently in year 4 the possibility to spend the whole 1st Semester of year 5 in another European school or an accredited European school, and vice versa. Due to organizational reasons, the number of students that can be admitted to this programme is limited, and not all the requests can be accepted.

The request has to be done as soon as possible and not later than March 7th.

In order to be approved a school exchange needs the approval of the directors of both schools involved. In particular, in our school we always require a preliminary approval of the class council.

Since the sanitary and public health situation is different in among the Member States and the situation is constantly evolving, exchanges and mobility programs can only take place on condition that the national or local health regulations and travel restrictions are respected.

The school cannot be held liable for any expenses in case of cancellation of the exchange program, including travel restrictions or other conditions.