Secondaire : Choix des matières

For questions regarding choices for years 1, 2, 3 and 4 please contact the coordinator for S1-S4, Mr. Emmanuel Couché; regarding choices for years 5, 6 and 7 please contact the coordinator for S5-S7, Mr. Daniel Alcazar.

Language change

P5 S1

S1 S2

S2 S3

S3 S4-S5

S5 S6-S7

PDF versions of the booklets and choice forms in the three working languages.

Please use the course grid when completing the choice form.

  • The course grid comprises all the courses foreseen for years 6 and 7 (2022-2024).
  • The grid determines which combinations of courses are possible and which not.
  • When completing the form, it is not possible to choose two subjects that are on the same column on the grid because they will be scheduled at the same time. For example, this year timetable constraints do not allow to take the combination Economy in German (ecode) and Language 4 Italian (l4-it), both are clashing in columns 15 and 16.
  • Please note that some subjects appear in several columns. For example, 5-periods Mathematics (ma5) are in columns 4 and 5, Language 3 English (l3-en) is in columns 9 and 10. When selecting such a subject, you are selecting both columns.
  • Also note that some subjects can have several groups in different columns, for instance there are two groups of Economy in English, ecoenA is in columns 13 and 14, and ecoenB is in columns 15 and 16, giving more possibilities for combination.