Highlights of the ES70 Conference

Greeting of Ms Ursula von der Leyen, President of the European Commission:

Greeting of Mr Johannes Hahn, European Commissioner for Budget and Administration:


Celebrating the 70th Anniversary of the European School System

In the world of European education, the European School System is synonymous with excellence and quality. Established 70 years ago, the system has remained committed to offering high-quality education to its students. To celebrate this momentous occasion, the Schola Europaea organizes the SE+ED 27: Education to the Power of 27 conference in the ES Luxembourg 1. The aim of the conference is to bring together all 36 European Schools to celebrate the European School System’s achievements and discuss the way forward.

Keyspeaches, panel discussions and video interventions will take place under the title THE EUROPEAN EDUCATION AREA AND THE EUROPEAN SCHOOLS.

The European School system has come a long way since its founding in 1953, but the focus on multilingualism and European cooperation remains strong. With its unique approach to education and emphasis on diversity, the system continues to prepare students for success in an increasingly globalized world.

The European School system has a significant impact on European education. It has contributed to the development of a European identity, where people from different countries can come together and work towards a common goal. This sense of unity and cooperation is vital in today’s world, where globalization has brought people closer than ever before.

Congratulations to the first European School, ES Luxembourg 1 and the whole ES-system on its 70th anniversary, and here’s to many more years of excellence in education!

Let’s celebrate together!


European Schools








Conference for the 70th anniversary of the European School System and the European School Luxembourg I

The conference is a one-day event with a variety of speakers from the world of education and the European Schools: EU-Commission, OECD, OSG, teachers, students, parents, directors and alumni.

The conference showcases a selection of the European Schools’ best educational practices, ideas and talents.

The conference features a series of keynote speakers, panel sessions, and a fair. These sessions will focus on a wide range of topics, from the history of the European School System to the challenges of modern education. The conference will bring together over 400 delegates, including teachers, students, and alumni. The diverse group of attendees allows for a rich exchange of ideas and insights.

One of the key themes of the conference is the role of the European School System in shaping the future of education. Several keynote speakers will highlight the system’s success in fostering multilingualism and multiculturalism. The European School System’s unique curriculum, which includes the study of several languages and cultures, helps to prepare students for life in an increasingly globalized world.

Another topic that garners significant attention is the use of technology in education. While technology offers numerous opportunities to enhance learning, it also presents challenges such as cybersecurity and data privacy concerns.

In addition to the keynote sessions and panel discussions, the conference also features a fair that shows the strength of the individual schools in the European Schools network.



Thursday, 19 October 2023

Conference for the 70th anniversary of the European School System and the European School Luxembourg I

Program Highlights:

  • Welcome speeches and greeting messages
  • Keynotes
  • Panel discussions

“Education in the 21st century and the contribution from the ES (ideas, expectations, vision)”
“Opening up the system of the European Schools”

  • Interventions (video compilations)
  • Musical performances, Posters, Exhibition stands, Videos, and other presentations of good practices in the European Schools
  • Cocktail reception

Friday, 20 October 2023

School fete together with APEEEL1; in the evening 70th birthday party for Lux1-staff

Become an entertainer

Become a part of our event and share your European power with us.

If you are a student, teacher, parent, alumni or part of the pedagogical staff at one of the 35 European Schools or OSG we would like to invite you to become an ENTERTAINER at our event.

Show us the European power of your school. Sow the SE+ED27 and hand in a video message, linked to THE EUROPEAN EDUCATION AREA AND THE EUROPEAN SCHOOLS

  • Intervention of alumni: “The success of the past. My achievements in the European School.”
  • Intervention of teachers and other pedagogical staff: “The strength of the presence. My involvement in the European School System.”
  • Intervention of students: “We are the power of tomorrow. Our ideas for the future of the ES.”
  • Intervention of Management (Directors, Deputies, Assistants): “Our knowledge to the European Education Area and the European schools.”
  • Intervention of inspectors: “My pedagogical power for the European school.”
  • Intervention of a member of the OSG: “The reason why I am proud of our system.”
  • Intervention of parents: “The educational benefits of the European school.”


Record a 30-to-60-second-video in which you share your views with us at the event.

Your video will be presented during the event and will serve as thought for discussion during the plenary discussions with our key-note speakers, teachers, students, management and parents.

The video:

  • should be at least 30 seconds, but no more than 60 seconds long.
  • must be submitted in mp4 format.
  • must contain the following:
    • Congratulations to Lux I and OSG to their 70th anniversary
    • Message matching the above mentioned topic

Please find some examples below.

Fair: The Power of our European Schools

We are pleased to invite all 36 European schools to share their school power with us and actively participate in the conference through

  • Posters
  • Exhibition stands
  • Videos and short films
  • or other creative presentations.

The fair will take place in parallel to the conference.

  • Each participating school will receive a double table, 2 chairs, a monitor and a pin board.
  • Each participating school is invited to present a maximum of 2 projects or ideas.
  • Schools will be asked to provide 1-2 people who will be responsible for the stand during the day.
  • The set-up of the individual presentations will take place in the morning from 8am to about 10am.
  • The fair will be open to all conference guests as of approx. 10am and will end approx. at 17.30pm..
  • In addition to the schools, the OSG, the Parents’ Association and the Alumni are also invited to take part in the fair.

Please contact Mrs Marie-Noëlle Fuchs, Secretary of the conference, marie-noelle.fuchs@eursc.eu, in case you would like to participate or have further questions.

Take the opportunity to present your best project, your greatest program, your most innovative solution. Share your power and pride with everyone and show where the power and creativity is sown every day in your school.


If you have any further questions regarding the whole event, please contact our organisation team. You can reach us at ES 70 ANNIVERSARY ES-70-ANNIVERSARY@eursc.eu

We will then be very happy to get in touch with you and look forward to welcoming you as a participant on 19 October.