Secondary : Peer mediation

What is peer mediation?

Peer-Mediation in Luxemburg is a project of SNJ (Service National de la Jeunesse) and our school is proud of being part of this project for many years now. At the moment about 50 students of all language sections work together to avoid conflicts or to solve them successfully. Our peer-mediators are all well-trained and know, what to do in case of a conflict.

Mediation is a process that helps solve a conflict between two groups, at the end of a mediation process both parties should agree on a solution, which is acceptable for both.


What do we do?

Naturally we do mediations. But we, as mediators, also go every year to the first secondary classes (S1) to explain to them what Peer-Mediation is and how they can contact us if they have a problem. Besides that, we organize events like cake sales, give information on our open day and you can find us at the Christmas market as well.


Our aim

Our aim is to improve the school atmosphere and make the secondary school a better place for everyone.

Requirements for peer-mediation: To make the peer-mediation a success, both sides have to agree on the following conditions:

  • They have to participate voluntarily – peer-mediation can’t be done if one of them is forced to do it.
  • They have to be interested in finding a solution. There has to be a will to find the way!
  • They have to accept the mediators
  • They have to be willing to participate and follow the rules of the mediation



If you need a mediation or just have more questions, please come to our Peer-Mediation room (D 104) during the short break (11:10 – 11:30) or contact our coaches Ms Scheicher (C 311) and Ms Raynaud any time.