Submit Covid-19 documents and test results

Dear parents, dear students, dear colleagues,

Please use the online form linked further down on this page to report all the necessary information and documents related to Covid-19 and test results which will then automatically be integrated into our current Covid-19 databases.

You will be able to submit:

  • quarantine information (if you or your child has been put into quarantine)
  • quarantine documents (the official “Ordonnance de mise en quarantaine”)
  • positive test results
  • test results obtained as a compulsory follow-up of a quarantine measure

Please do not report results of tests performed in the context of the nationwide Large Scale Testing scheme unless they are positive.

You will have two options for filling in the form:

  • strongly recommended: using the O365 login of your child (or your own O365 school login if you are a major student or staff member) . This option is strongly recommended because you are able to submit the necessary documents online.
  • using anonymous access to a separate form. The disadvantage of this form is that you will not be able to upload documents. You will have to send this by separate e-mail, thus slowing down the processing of the documents.

The answers and documents provided are stored in a GDPR conform way as this has been the case since May 2020. The only difference between the former e-mail process and this questionnaire is the automated integration of the data in our follow-up documentation.

Thank you very much for your help.

The Covid-19 cell of the school


Update 13.07.2021 : with reference to the director’s communication on 12 June 2021, we remind you of the deadlines valid for the summer holidays:

  • Positive tests: please forward to us upon receipt all information on positive tests up to and including the date of the actual test on 13 July 2021. After this date, please do not send us any more positive test results as they will no longer trigger any tracing action, in agreement with the competent authorities.
  • Quarantine orders: please send us by the same means any quarantine order that still affects the last days of classes, i.e. up to and including 02 July 2021, to justify the absence.
  • Positive tests, isolation and quarantine for the start of the school year 2021/2022: please send us any information to justify the absence only from 1 September 2021 by the same means.