School year 2021/2022
Covid-19 measures applicable from 01.09.2021

Extracurricular activities

  • Extra-curricular activities such as drama groups or chess clubs will not yet be possible due to the mixing of pupils from different levels. A reassessment will be made in October. Extra-curricular activities organised by the APEEEL1 are not affected by the School’s decisions.


  • The Secondary school library will be accessible again for study and lending of books.
  • The Primary school library will be accessible again for accompanied pupils, including for educational activities in the library and the lending of books.
  • The return of books will be in accordance with the current measures.

Sports lessons

  • Sports classes, including swimming lessons, will resume as normal.
  • Masks must be worn in the changing rooms and when moving around in the buildings, except in the sports halls and the swimming pool.
  • Pupils exempted from the activity and present in the sports halls or the swimming pool must wear the mask continuously.
  • Fixed hair dryers may be used.

Wearing of masks – general rule

  • The continuous wearing of masks by our Primary and Secondary pupils will remain mandatory inside our school buildings, as well during classroom teaching.

Wearing of masks – exceptions

  • Wearing of masks is not mandatory
    • outside school buildings (playgrounds, sports fields, rest areas, etc.),
    • in the canteen and cafeteria as soon as pupils/staff are seated,
    • during sports activities in the sports halls and at the swimming pool,
    • for pupils in the Primary cycle exclusively from 13 September 2021 and as soon as they are seated in class (masks must still be worn when moving around the classroom). This does not apply to mixed courses such as L2 courses, European hours or religion or ethics courses. Teachers will ensure that this rule is applied. The date of 13 September instead of the first day of the school year was chosen to allow for an observation of the situation after the holidays.

General hygiene

  • Pupils will continue to be made aware of the hygiene rules in force (hand washing, no-touch greetings, etc.) and school staff will ensure that these rules are respected and applied on a daily basis. Cleaning services are adapted to specific needs.
  • In the toilet areas, the electric hand dryers will be reactivated and the distribution of paper towels stopped.


  • The catering offered to pupils will resume with an offer gradually aligned with the pre-Covid-19 offer.
  • The spaces will be rearranged with tables for 6 pupils.
  • Primary and Secondary pupils will return to their usual spaces before Covid-19 in the canteen.
  • The Secondary cafeteria will again be accessible to eat in a seated position.

Meetings, parents’ evenings and information evenings, access to the school site

  • The current legal framework does not allow for the organisation of parent meetings (class meetings, information evenings, etc.) inside the school and, pending legislative changes, these meetings will continue to take place online.
  • Individual parent-teacher meetings are possible on site and online, with the agreement of the teacher and subject to continuous wearing of masks.
  • Parents are not admitted to the school, with the partial and temporary exception of the Nursery cycle. The specific entry and exit procedures in place for each cycle will be communicated to you separately by the Deputy directors of the cycles concerned.

Applicable scenarios

  • The scenarios for the detection of positive cases in force since 14 October 2020 remain applicable.

Rapid antigenic tests

  • Given the existing offer of vaccination for pupils aged 12 and over, and the obligation to wear a mask in class in the Secondary cycle, the School will only organise rapid antigenic tests for the Primary cycle (on-site tests) and the Nursery cycle (home tests), at the rate of one test per week. The duration of these tests is currently planned until the All Saints’ holiday.
  • In order to be able to participate in the tests, parents are asked to hand in the form attached to this communication again each week.

Pupil transport

  • The transport of pupils will, as always, be the responsibility of the transport companies (private or communal) who will have to ensure that the hygienic rules in force at national level are respected

School trips

  • The school plans to organize all compulsory school trips, provided that local health measures at the destination allow it. Compulsory cancellation insurance will be included in the price of the trips.
  • The organization of additional day trips is possible


In general, we must be aware that all decisions taken by the Luxembourg government and the directors of our two European Schools in Luxembourg may at any time be adapted to the evolution of the national and/or international health situation and that a modification of the arrangements will always be possible. This also includes the decisions of the Office of the Secretary General of the European Schools and the Board of Governors.


Martin WEDEL