School choir European school I - Kirchberg


Choirmaster and Music teacher: Mr Noel Morgan
Music teacher: Ms Louise Hottias


  • European School Choir - "Got music?"
    within the framework of the 03rd Transatlantic Dialogue "Connecting through Culture"

  • School Choir sang at the school concert
    • When? 14th May 2014
    • Where? Salle des fĂȘtes of the European school Kirchberg - 20h

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  • Our school choir in the school entrance hall
    • When? Monday 25th March 2014 from 11.10 till 11.30
    • Where? Entrance hall of the secondary school Kirchberg

    Dear Readers,

    Here are some brief details on what the school choir did on their recent school trip to Karditsa in Greece. I have been trying to slowly build up the school choir and this Festival gave the most fantastic impetus to the pupils. The Karditsa School Choirs Festival is the largest of its kind in europe. There are some 3500 pupils who participate across 7 evenings organised by Mr Nikos Efthimiades. Most participating schools are from Greece, Crete and the Greek islands but for 6 years it has also been open to a more international circle. We were invited to participate twice and we were treated like royalty. Our pupils prepared well and brilliantly sang a 30 minute programme of mixed a capella and piano accompanied songs on both Wednesday 12th and Friday 14th. I built in rehearsal time to get them looking as good as possible with some physical or dance movements added and to get them to sing together as well as possible. Greek choirs sing very well ... with gusto, emotion, expression and enthusiasm. As well as the Finnish! who are also well known for this. And there are many other nations in our 28 nation europe who have strong traditions too. Our participation was met with huge applause after each song and their concert must have done their confidence a lot of good. In addition to the Festival, they also sang in a shared concert with a specialist music school in Trikala;

    in front of the Mayor of Trikala (an important national politician) in his chambers; in a hospital for patients and staff; in Delphi's amphitheatre where they were evicted as singing was not allowed and on Lake Plastiras in pedalos ... but most special of all, they were denied the possibility of singing in a convent church ... However, as we relaxed in the spring sunshine on the terrace of Agios Stefanos in Meteora, after visiting the convent's museum and delightful church ... I started to sing quietly as they relaxed with a view 300 metres above the valley. These sympathetic pupils joined me in singing a beautiful 3 part motet by Mozart just sitting where they were with no music, no order, no special clothes and no preparation ... It was spontaneous and inspirational. There was a definite beauty to this moment. The nuns came out and listened attentively and afterwards presented the children with a small token of their appreciation. These pupils learned about the Battles of Thermopylae, Marathon and Salamis, Delphi and the Pythian Games; the mad sibyl(s) who imbibed by sulphurous gases from a no longer existing volcanic fissure gave importance to foretelling the future as the Oracle; the Battle of Gravia Inn and the Greek war of Independence in 1821; Apollo and the Omphalos; the effects of the Treaty of Versailles and its result on Thessaloniki and Smyrna/Izmir; the retreat of the British Expeditionary Forces helped by the the ANZAC forces, etc.; and the mountains of Olympia and Parnassus and their place in mythical history. They also saw the remarkable tombs of Philip II of Makedon. I don't say they will remember it all but they had the full tour guide stuff. The choir has come a long way in two weeks ago. Next Tuesday (25/3), I will collect them together and if you are interested in coming, we will sing 3 or 4 songs of their repertoire in the school entrance in the short break. You will be welcome.

    Schools are not always about tests and discipline. Some situations encourage maturity and learning in different ways. Their enthusiasm for this voyage scolaire was well placed as souls and spirits were nourished in wide and musical ways.

    Yours sincerely

    Noel Morgan

  • 'School Choirs Festival' in Karditsa, Greece
    • When? Wednesday 12th March till Friday 14th March 2014
    • Where? Karditsa - Greece

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    Our pupils prepared well and brilliantly sang a 30 minute programme of mixed a capella and piano accompanied songs on both Wednesday 12th and Friday 14th.

  • School Choir sang at the funeral of Mr Trevor King