Peer Mediation

This is a process where volunteer pupils facilitate resolving interpersonal problems of other pupils within the school community in a climate of neutrality and confidence.

The aim of the process is ...

  • to lead discussions towards a win-win resolution for both sides in order to avoid further trouble;
  • to help pupils modify and improve their handling of situations of conflict in a non-violent manner. In this way, their own self-esteem will grow, as will their listening skills and ability to handle difficult situations.
  • to improve the overall climate in school and to reduce disciplinary actions and disputes within school. One positive outcome for teachers will hopefully be more time available for teaching.

Operational peer mediation started in September 2010. It is led by about 40 pupils who followed a comprehensive training program and received a mediator’s diploma.

The students are supported by 5 trained coaches:
Mrs Raymakers, Mrs Brauch, Mrs De Rijck, Mrs Norris and Mrs Verlinden.

Permanence Peer Mediation Team

  • (EN) The PEER MEDIATORS will be present in the PEER MEDIATION ROOM D104 every TUESDAY and THURSDAY during break time from 11h10 to 11h25 to inform you, to talk with you and to answer your questions.
  • (FR) Les MEDIATEURS PAIRS sont présents dans la SALLE DE MEDIATION D104 tous les MARDIS et JEUDIS pendant la pause de 11h10 à 11h25 pour informer, parler, répondre aux questions.
  • (DE) Die Peer Mediatoren sind jeden DIENSTAG und DONNERSTAG in der Pause von 11h10 bis 11h25 im Peermediationsraum D104 um zu reden, zu informieren und Fragen zu beantworten.

For more details and request for mediation