Orchestra/Jazz band European school Luxembourg


Conductor and Music teacher: Mr Noel Morgan
Music teacher: Ms Louise Hottias


  • Our Jazz band performed at the school concert
    • When? 14th May 2014
    • Where? Salle des fĂȘtes of the European school Kirchberg - 20h

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  • Our Jazz band performed in the school entrance hall
    • When? Tuesday 8th April 2014 from 11.10 till 11.30
    • Where? Entrance hall of the secondary school Kirchberg

  • The orchestra and Jazz band of our school in Germany and Italy
    • When? 1st April - 5th April 2014
    • Where? Wyhlen-Grenzach, Germany and European school, Varese
    The Orchestra and Jazz Group Trip - April 2014

    Between 1st - 5th April 2014, the Orchestra and Jazz Group of the European Schools of Luxembourg I & II under the leadership of music teacher, Noel Morgan toured Germany and Italy giving several concerts in the schools of the Lise-Meitner Gymnasium in Grenzach-Wyhlen and the European School of Varese. The orchestra has grown this year with encouragement from the music teachers. In particular, Louise Hottias, Vincent Jaminet and Martin Bennett have assisted with the general ensemble though only the two Belgians came on tour. There are now over 30 members in the orchestra and most are in the lower part of the school and so there is every probability that there will be even more of us next year. The school Jazz Band was reformed this year after a few years absence and is making a remarkable re-emergence.

    Joao, an excellent coach driver from Emile Frisch, and soon to be a formidable member of our staff team, collected us on Tuesday 1st April. We arrived to a delightful welcome in the Lise-Meitner Gymnasium (near Basel) from Manfred Stratz, the Director and Andreas Walter, the Music Teacher. Manfred taught in our ES Lux until 2003 and we have collaborated several times. We met the musicians of their school and together we rehearsed late into the evening before retiring to the excellent accommodation of Lörrach Youth Hostel. The following morning we gave two concerts before the whole school with many different classical and jazz pieces of music to large appreciative audiences of pupils and staff. After packing up our instruments and a school lunch, we headed south to Ostello di Verbania on the West coast of Lago di Maggiore where we all settled quickly with magnificent views over the Lake. 

    This original idea of this orchestra trip started with a discussion between Noel Morgan and Stefan Krauss, the music teacher of Varese and the main focus of the trip was always to be the collaboration of three orchestras and jazz bands (ES Varese, ES Luxembourg and ES Munich) on 3rd April. After rehearsals during the day, a delightful visit to Sacro Monte di Varese, (a local Pilgrimage walk to the top of a mountain) and a big pizza, the evening concert provided a delightful mixture of our orchestras playing together with the Varese Primary Choir and also the Jazz Bands sharing some programme together whilst each school retained some individual moments of their own musicians. This was a lovely but long musical evening and with some haste we headed off back to our Ostello. 

    Next morning, Friday 4th April, we returned to Varese to give two of our own concerts to the Primary and the Secondary pupils. All went well and after eating in their mensa, we headed off for some well deserved leisure time. First up was Milan where we visited the museum and theatre of La Scala, the most famous opera house in the world. A short walk through the Galleria Vittorio Emmanuelle II, a tour of the cathedral and time in the pedestrian area and then we headed back for a long table to seat all 34 of us for a huge repast in Restaurant Dam a Traa, Verbania, that I believe defeated even the hungriest of eaters!

    The highlight of our leisure time came the following morning with azure skies and a warm spring day seeing the orchestra climb onto a private motor launch which took us across the lake to Isola Bella, one of the most beautiful jewels in Italy. We had a guided tour of the lovely house and those splendid gardens are a joy to be in. So many flowers and shrubs were in full bloom and also in evidence was the island's trade mark; white peacocks gently strutting between the visiting public. An uneventful ride home brought this great cultural experience to a close. 

    Congratulations to all our participating pupils who behaved so impeccably throughout and who enjoyed a hard working but fun musical week together. Thank you to all our staff for tolerating our absence.

    Noel Morgan