This is a process where volunteer pupils try to resolve interpersonal problems of other pupils within the school community in a climate of neutrality and confidence.

The aim of this process is:

Mediators and Coaches:

The Peer Mediation project is operational since September 2010. The Peer Mediation Committee - composed by peer mediators - leads a group of about 30 students of year 4, 5 and 6 who followed a solid training program for 3 weekends organized by the Luxembourgish government. All the mediators received a mediator’s diploma. The students are supported by 2 trained coaches: Ms. Raymakers and Ms. Verlinden (educational advisors).

From left to right: Eseme, Janina, Taaniel, Elžbieta, Mrs. Verlinden & Mrs. Raymakers

Peer Mediation Committee Coaches


Two peer mediators will be present in the peer mediation room D102 every TUESDAY and THURSDAY during the short break from 11h10 to 11h25 to inform you, to talk with you or to answer your questions.

How to Contact 'Peer Mediation'?

Students who want more information about peer mediation or who need a mediation can: