The deadline to apply for a visit during the 2018-2019 school year is December 22, 2017.

Temporarily visiting other schools in a different country gives students the chance to develop more intensively in many regards, e.g. to improve their language skills and to mature through experiencing a different educational and cultural environment.

European schools offer the possibility of hosting other students as well as supporting their students to visit other schools. Both can take place as real exchanges (visit and return visit) or as one-way visits. They are known collectively as "student mobility programmes".

Mobility programmes take place regularly within the 1st semester of S5.

Please contact the Cycle Coordinator of years 4 and 5, Mr ALCAZAR (, for more information.

Leitlinien zur Organisation der Mobilität der Schüler von und zu den Europäischen Schulen
Guidelines on Organizing Students’ Mobility from and to the European Schools
Lignes directrices pour l’organisation de la mobilité des élèves en provenance et en direction des Écoles européennes