Just say, NO!

The month of March and April 2016 saw the launch at school of the campaign: Just say, NO!, which was presented during year-group meetings of pupils s1 to s6. The campaign has two main objectives:

  1. Reminding our pupils of the school and country regulations on smoking, drinking and drugs, while also encouraging them to be proactive in denouncing cases in school when they see, or are solicited to break the rules;
  2. Presenting to pupils the dangers of smoking, drinking and cannabis, with particular stress on the impact that these vices have on the pupils’ health, well-being, memory and motivation, in their personal and school life.
The presentations were highly successful. Pupils were attentive, interested and very receptive. We expect feedback on this respect.

The presentations have been made available in the staff area of the school site, and teachers can make reference to them, as they deem necessary.

Under the same initiative, the Art Department has taken aboard this theme with the idea of initiating a competition that will produce a mascot poster for this campaign, which we hope to be a permanent feature of our school life.

The campaign is overall intended to generate a debate at school that will result in:

Other actions that are already in place at school:
Conscious of the need for other initiatives - and the cooperation of everyone, the school is in talks with the prevention unit of the local Police, and has requested:
Some of the duties and responsibilities of main actors:

The School

The school undertakes to keep Just say, NO! a constantly running campaign:
The Teachers

The Pupils

The Parents

This policy will continually be updated to suit it to its purposes and goals.

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