Directeur adjoint des finances et de l’administration (29/06/2018)
Lehrer(in) für Mathematik in deutscher Sprache für die Sekundarschule (mind. 18 Unterrichtsstunden / Woche) (29/06/2018)
Teacher of DUTCH as Mother Tongue for the secondary school (approximately 16 lessons/week) (08/06/2018)
Teacher of ENGLISH as Language 1 and EFL (21 teaching periods - full time) (08/06/2018)
1 chargé(e) de cours pour Sciences Intégrées / Chimie / Physique en français pour le cycle secondaire (tous niveaux) (13/04/2018)
English speaking teachers:
1 Teacher of History and Human Science and English as foreign language
1 Teacher of Geography and Human Science
DUTCH - GERMAN PRIMARY TEACHERS for occasional replacements (02/03/2018)


All vacancies that are to be filled by locally recruited staff are posted on our website. In addition, vacant administrative and technical posts are published in the local press. The arrangements for the secondment of staff from different member states of the European Union are described on the website of the European Schools

Please note that we are not able to respond to unsolicited applications that will nevertheless be kept in our archives for cases of urgent replacements.

Those who wish to be included in the list of therapists (speech therapy, psychomotricity), in order to make themselves available to the legal representatives of students of the European Schools seeking treatment, should visit the website