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Les Mots de Zaza (MdZ)


Online catalogue

With a collection of about 28,000 catalogue records, the secondary library offers a large selection of books in different languages. There are not only books in English, German and French, but also in Luxemburgish, Dutch, Spanish, Portuguese, Swedish, Polish, Estonian, Lithuanian, Latvian, Irish and Bulgarian. Apart from that it also has several reference books which help to learn Italian and Latin.
The online catalogue can be consulted through the National Library’s Web site:
Being a collective catalogue of several Luxembourgish libraries ( members), it provides references of the secondary school, as well as of other member libraries. It gives information about the availability and, if a book has been taken out, the date of return.
Periodicals in different languages are available for consultation on the premises and are not part of the catalogue.

Computerised loan system

Secondary school has been using a computer based system for book loans since 2005.
To take out books borrowers should show their ID card ( which bears the library bar code) or they can give their surname to the librarian.
Books can be taken out for a period of 3 weeks (3 books maximum), to which the librarian can give an extension at any time if necessary.

Opening times and facilities

The library is open from Monday to Friday, from 8.30 to 12.00 and from 12.30 to 16.30.
Introductory sessions to the use of the library and research methods, are organized for first year pupils (in the presence of their principal teacher) at the beginning of each school year.
During their free lessons or break time, pupils may have access to the computer room of the library, where they can do academic research or simply have their work printed out.
A copy card can be purchased in the library where pupils and teachers may use a copy machine.
Past bac papers can be consulted in the library or sent by email to pupils and teachers who are interested, on simple demand.