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You are kindly requested to fix an appointment for submitting the enrolment file. Please make sure to make an appointment for each child you want to register. The appointment slots available can be consulted via the following link.

Please make sure to make an appointment for each child you want to register.

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All enrolment files must be carefully filled out in advance of the appointment with the secretary. All required documents must be supplied. Incomplete applications will be returned.

Please familiarise yourself with the “Rules on admission to and operation for the European Schools of Luxembourg” and the General Rules of the European Schools in advance of any application/ appointment.

Rules on admission to and operation

Règles d’admission et de fonctionnement
Rules on admission to and operation
Regeln zur Einschreibung und der Funktionsweise

Application forms for the admission of category I, II and III students

Catégorie I FR EN DE
Catégorie II FR EN DE
Catégorie III FR EN DE

Options et choix de sujets et langue
Link to the Options & Choices webpage

Questionnaire médico-scolaire - School Medical Questionnaire - Schulmedizinischer Fragebogen FR EN DE

School Fees

Paiement du minerval scolaire par échelonnement / Payment of the school fees in instalments / Zahlung des Schuldgeldes in Ratenzahlungen (formulaire "ECHELONNEMENT / INSTALMENT / RATENZAHLUNG")

Pour plus de renseignement sur Minerval et droits d'inscription veuillez lire le
Mémorandum pour les parents.

FAQ (Frequently asked questions)

Foire aux questions
Frequently asked questions
Häufig Gestellte Fragen